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"On the other hand," he said, "people have moved into messenger apps — they're living in chat. or you could have a service that lives inside an app they already have." It's a bit like sneaking in the back door, but it works — people are engaging with the bots, and there sure isn't any shortage of messaging apps to choose from.

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"There's this focus around it, so there are all these tools getting developed for all levels of skill," he explained.

"The other driver is the platforms opening up, which means you get a much bigger audience." "It's more of a cultural shift," said Roberts.

After all, you make filters for your email, and change settings on your Facebook account, right?

"It is still very early days for chatbots and AI," Lee said.

Only 15 were made, once sold out more will not be made.

Green Lovebots seen in this picture is only available at..."Users are now so used to chatting with their friends via SMS and messengers that they feel comfortable with that same interface delivering an app experience." Bots are good at performing simple tasks, like giving you the weather or ordering a pizza.But does that mean weather forecasters and whoever answers the phone at the pizza place will soon be obsolete?Kik is one of the mobile chat apps that started the trend now being pursued by Whats App, Facebook Messenger and others."As we saw what the interface could do, we shifted our attention to bots." Read More: Microsoft's AI Twitter Bot That Went Racist Returns ..."People don't even always know they're interacting with bots," Hartman said.

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