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You will still receive a regular monthly statement to review, but instead of writing a check, you simply deduct the amount due from your bank account balance.There is no bother with checks, postage or waiting in line.Q: You have one of the most unique data sets about modern romance. A: Well, one of the first things you have to know to understand how dating — or really courtship rituals, since not everyone calls it dating — has changed over time is that the age of marriage in the United States has increased dramatically over time.

If you should encounter financial difficulties, our Call Center staff will probably be able to help.

They can assist you in maintaining a good payment history and prevent you from becoming delinquent.

Payment of your utility bill is generally due 12 days after billing.

A reminder notice is sent to the customers mailing address if payment is not received by the due date.

Continue to pay your bill regularly until you receive you first statement which indicates that you are on the Direct Debit Service Program. In an effort to encourage prompt payment from all of our customers, a late charge of $5.00, or 1.5% of the unpaid balance, whichever is greater.

Failure to pay after the late notice will result in a shut-off notice being delivered to the service address.

And that's not the life that young people lead anymore.

The age of first marriage is now in the late twenties, and more people in their 30s and even 40s are deciding not to settle down.

I felt a deep sense a rejection —- not personally, but on behalf of everyone at the bar.

Instead of interacting with the people around her, she chose to search for a companion elsewhere online.

He says that by several measures, online dating has proved even more useful — both to individuals and society — than the traditional avenues it has replaced.

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