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” During the 1950s, Dr Pepper was also advertised as “The Friendly Pepper-Upper” on everything from fountain dispensers to Dr Pepper branded menu boards.

But the most recognized Dr Pepper slogan with the word “Pepper” in it is undoubtedly “Be a Pepper,” which was conceived in 1977.

Pepper.” The company dropped the period from the name in the 1950s as part of a redesign of the corporate logo.

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That honor goes to Dr Pepper, which was served in December of 1885 at Morrison’s Old Corner Drug Store in Waco, Texas.

In contrast, the first glass of Coca-Cola was poured at a pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia, in May of 1886.

Less well known is the decades-long campaign to promote the soft drink as something that could be enjoyed in any sort of weather, be it hot or cold.

Accordingly, Dr Pepper advertising thermometers bore sentiments like “Hot or Cold, Enjoy Dr Pepper” or “Hot or Cold, Drink Dr Pepper,” and the company even made electric heating units labeled “Dr Pepper Hot,” which were designed to heat up a mug of the sweet beverage on a cold winter’s day. Super Rare Embossed Dr Pepper Straight Side Bottle Nashville Tennessee Tn Tenn Waco Texas Debossed Dr Pepper Soda Bottle 10-2-4 Clock Face 1938Dr Pepper "pommac" Paper Label For Bottle Never Used Vintage Dr. Pepper Soda Bottle / Raised Letter / Greenville , S.c. Pepper Acl "4 Diamond" 12 Oz Acl Soda Bottle, "santa Clara, Calif, Mint, Nr Dr Pepper Chewy Candy Twists 5 Oz Fat Free Kennys Made With Real Soda Yum! 1950s Dr Pepper Lift For Life Decal But Officer It Instructed Me To Burn Out Grand Theft Auto Camaro Ss Rs Z28 Rally Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Playing Cards 2013 10-2-4 Collectors Club Convention Foreign Dr Pepper Pull It Off With The Saint Soda Can Foreign Diet Dr Pepper Gratis Pop Clip C60 Soda Can Drive Dr Pepper Hat - One Size Fits All! Pepper Pepsi Cola Soda Garage Gas Station Store Sign Dr.pepper Metal Advertising Bottle Cap Sign Three Vintage Dr Pepper Unused Bottle Caps With Cork Vintage Dr Pepper Tin Sign Vintage 1960's Dr Pepper Soda Pop-12" Metal & Glass Thermometer Sign Works Old Dr Pepper Soda 10-2-4 Pick A Pack Sales Rack Advertising Sign Vintage 1950's Dr Pepper Pick A Pack Soda Pop Gas Station Porcelain Metal Sign Dr.pepper Outside Thermometer 1970's Indian Chief Motorcycle Indian War Headdress Classic Thunder Roadmaster Vintage K-line Dr.

That same year, a new advertising campaign was also introduced.

On everything from print ads to porcelain, tin, and cardboard signs, a character named “Old Doc,” a kindly looking, old-timey country doctor who wore a monocle and a top hat, was paired with a new “10, 2, and 4” graphic, which resembled a clock with three hands pointing to the corresponding numbers.

Dr Pepper, whose name has officially lacked punctuation since 1950, was invented by a pharmacist working at Morrison’s named Charles Alderton.

When he wasn’t filling prescriptions for customers, he mixed and matched various fountain syrups until his 23-flavor concoction achieved that distinctive but difficult-to-describe fruitiness we recognize today as Dr Pepper.

In the world of soft-drink collectibles, Dr Pepper is a pip-squeak compared to Coca-Cola, the 800-pound gorilla of carbonated sugar water, whose international ubiquity eclipses all other competitors combined.

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