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The certificate issued is only valid for three years.A Decree Nisi Absolute or divorce certificate is required for the woman if she has existing marriage and must lapse for 90 days before the wedding.

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All marriages performed in Singapore must be registered with the relevant registry in order to be legally valid.

Civil marriages are for couples where one or both partners are non-Muslim. The two parties have to register a date either at the Registry of Marriage (ROM) or on the ROM website.

If the groom has existing living wife, the husband is required to show evidence of the financial means to support the wives, as well as obtain permission all his existing wives before a polygamous marriage is approved.

A man is allowed to have a maximum of four living wives at any point in time.

If the interviewing Kadi is not satisfied of the needs of Islamic knowledge, he can require them to take additional classes prior to allowing them to marry.

Couples should be of the age of 21 but the age of 16 is allowed with consent of the parents present.

This strict conditions must be met for the solemnisation of the marriage called the Nikah.

If the father is still alive but unknown whereabouts in Singapore, the Registry will take out a petition notice in the local papers for him to be summoned to the Muslim Court for the marriage to be approved. No wali is needed if the bride is a Muslim convert and is the only convert in the family.

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