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By the 9th century CE, literature written in Sinhalese script had emerged and the script began to be used in other contexts.

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This was undesirable, and therefore, the round shapes were preferred. The definition of the two sets is thus a historic one.

Out of pure coincidence, the phoneme inventory of present-day colloquial Sinhala is such that yet again the śuddha alphabet suffices as a good representation of the sounds.

The śuddha graphemes are the mainstay of the Sinhalese alphabet and are used on an everyday-basis.

Every sequence of sounds of the Sinhalese language of today can be represented by these graphemes.

Additionally, the śuddha set comprises graphemes for retroflex ⟨ḷ⟩ and ⟨ṇ⟩, which are no longer phonemic in modern Sinhala.

These two letters were needed for the representation of Eḷu, but are now obsolete from a purely phonemic view.In order to produce such a pure consonant, a special marker, the hal kirīma has to be added: ක්.This marker suppresses the inherent vowel.), which can be changed with the different vowel signs or removed (see image on left for examples). ,නැහැ පුතා එක පාරට මගේ computer එක වැඩ කරන්නේ නැතුව ගිය නේ ...අනේ එක කැඩිලද දන්නේ නැහැ .(නැන්දා මාමත් එක්ක කතා කරන්න skype වලට පොඩි desktop computer එකක් තියාගෙන ඉන්නව... Sinhala Wela Katha and Wala katha Stories Sinhala Wal - Sri Lankan Sexy Girls Pictures. Most phonemes of the Sinhalese language can be represented by a śuddha letter or by a miśra letter, but normally only one of them is considered correct.

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